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Most lobbyists in California only focus on the Legislature. Cal Connected also specializes in representing clients before the Governor and state agencies. 80% of the State laws in California are promulgated by those agencies. They put the meat on the bones of what the Legislature does. This area can be complex and process driven. Even legislation that is signed into law that is favorable to one's interests can "go wrong" during promulgation. Cal Connect has the experience of having worked for a Governor helping manage and reorganize major agencies, including helping to create Cal-EPA. We have the understanding and skills to optimize advantages for our clients. We work in many areas and with all state agencies, but specialize in environmental, consumer, retail, food, agriculture, transportation, general and specialty manufacturing issues within California agencies and their departments. Agency experience includes Cal EPA, Air Resources Board, Department of Toxics Substance Control, CAL Recycle, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Resources Agency, CEC, as well as State and regional water boards. We represent clients on a daily basis before agencies in the following areas:

  • Adoption of New Regulations or Amendment of Existing Regulations:
    • Developing strategies to successfully approach the promulgation of rules
    • Analyzing and drafting proposed regulations
    • Issue research, drafting and presenting testimony in hearing
    • Representing clients in direct negotiations with agency officials
  • Compliance with Existing Rules or Standards
    • Representing clients before agency officials to resolve alleged violations with their rules, standards or policies.
    • Assisting clients with mitigation of penalties.
    • Creating involvement from the Governor's office or Legislature to help an agency better understand the client's position.


We have been working in the Capitol since 1989 and have extensive experience and knowledge of the people and policies in Sacramento. This enables us to craft and implement strategies in a manner where clients can expect a successful outcome. We assist clients with all aspects of legislative advocacy including:

  • Monitoring legislation
  • Developing successful strategies that complement clients needs
  • Researching and analyzing legislation and legislative intent
  • Drafting legislation
  • Representing clients directly with legislators and testifying before committees
  • Full lobbying to further or stop legislative measures


Assisting with all aspects of procurement, including preliminary reconnaissance before RFQ, RFI or RFP are issued, Cal Connected works with California agencies and the Legislature to create a demand for client products and services. We work with some of the largest companies in the world to create business opportunities in telecommunications, technology, construction and other procurement areas of state and local government. We were selected by the California Department of General Services as one of eight experts to help advise the agencies management and staff on the development and adoption of their new procurement rules. Our services include the following:

  • Providing a full scale of services in procurement with California agencies
  • Developing and implementing successful strategies to help enhance an agency's demand for a client's goods and services
  • Providing introductions to top agency officials
  • Working with the Legislature to create the substantive authority and funding for agencies to acquire client's goods and services
  • Providing representation to help defend bid protests against competitors when client is successful with initial bid award
  • Providing representation to assist client on protesting bid awarded to competitor



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